Malaysia KL escort model

Our agency we name all our escort girls as model they all from Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia,Vietnam, Philippine Laos and China definitely included our local Malaysian model.

Majority in our agency mostly all the escort model girls from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and china. Many tourists from oversea just wondering why in Malaysia they hard to local escort girls instead of other country,In here i would like to explain some of our beautiful Malaysia country culture because Malaysia is a multiracial country we have Malay is the standing the most percentage of the population the second is Chinese then third is Indian others race only standing above 5% of the population,furthermore Malaysia is a Islamic country we have many restriction issue we cannot be operate here because we respect our country culture even our Chinese and Indian here.Our agency  Models Escort provides high class escort services at a price commensurate with our high quality. Our escorts will endeavour to act at all times in an impeccable manner and respect any dresscode requirements that you may have. Style, service and discretion are the quintessential ingredients of Models Escort. Only after a personal meeting and interview does a lady become a member of our Escort Agency. That why our agent throughout the Asian always put their best endeavor to get the best escort girls to join our agency. Our top priority is our customers safety.

Malaysia escort model

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  1. Jon says:


    I am looking to engage your services. And I am looking for a local Malaysian Chinese girl. Can you email me what is the booking procedure?

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